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Dec 13

Even in rooms with lower or average height ceilings, painting a ceiling by yourself can be a little awkward. It is more challenging, though, if your ceilings are really high. How do you paint higher ceilings, then, if you have them?



You must prepare the room before you start painting. Move as much as you can out of the area, and use drop cloths to cover any larger furniture and the floors. This will help to prevent paint splatter from getting on your furniture or flooring. It's crucial to remember that you should paint the ceiling first if you also intend to paint the walls. In this manner, you may cover up any drips or splatters that may occur on the walls after painting the ceiling when it comes time to paint the walls. 


Additionally, our expert home painters in toronto suggest you should be careful to select the appropriate paint. Since ceilings aren't painted as frequently as other surfaces, it's crucial to use ceiling paint, which is designed specifically for ceilings and will make the work much simpler.

High Ceiling Painting Equipment


You will require more than just a few brushes and a common roller before you can begin. Your space's dimensions and ceiling height will decide exactly what you require. A ladder will usually be sufficient to allow you to paint the edges and ceilings of most rooms. However, scaffolding can be necessary if you have a particularly vast space. If you don't already have ladders and scaffolding, you may frequently rent them from a hardware store.


A sprayer might also be something you want to think about, as it can speed up application in bigger rooms. Sprayers can be pricey, so you might not want to make an investment for a single job. You can just acquire an extended roller handle if you don't want to buy a sprayer. If you are unable to climb a ladder or need to work on areas that are difficult to reach from the ladder, these tools are reasonably priced and will enable you to apply paint from a longer distance.

Your choice of painting technique will be primarily influenced by how high your ceilings are. A long-handled roller should work just fine for ceilings that are 10 feet or less, especially if the room is smaller. There will undoubtedly be a need for a ladder for objects that are 10 to 18 feet tall. Scaffolding may be necessary if your space is fairly large, which can be difficult to rent and set up and frequently takes quite a bit of time. Consider hiring expert painters if your room is huge or if your ceilings are particularly high. At Gold Painters, we're expert toronto home painters that can get your ceilings painted as quickly as possible without any disruptions.


You likely don't need a primer unless your ceiling is very old or noticeably yellowed. If a primer coat is required, it can be applied using a roller with a long handle. To apply the primer, you may still use the roller's long handle, which will save you from having to stand as high up on the ladder if you need to use it to reach the ceiling's highest places.

It might be challenging for many people to paint high ceilings on their own. Many individuals choose to engage professional painters to handle it for them because it frequently necessitates the purchase of specialized equipment in order to complete the task. Gold Painters can assist if you're thinking about hiring toronto house painters to have your high ceiling painted again. We are prepared with all the necessary tools, and our skilled painters will have your ceiling looking brand-new in no time. Contact us today at 416-458-6233 to schedule your free no obligation estimate today!