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May 6

Tackling a do it yourself project can be overwhelming even if you have the secrets of the painting contractor in Dublin. There are so many details that take longer without the right tools or the right experience. You may want to consider consulting with a painting professional, like one of the knowledgeable staff at Painters Dublin - Painting in Colour, even if you are going to take on the project alone. You can get the tools that you need and some guidance on how to make your project look as professional as the pros.

Top Secrets of the Painters Dublin - Painting in Colour

1. It is not just about painting. Getting that perfect finish requires taking the time to sand between coats, fill in all the holes with putty and even fill any gaps or cracks with caulk. These processes help to keep the trim looking its best and also help to create a smoother finish.

2. The right tools will make the job right. Any paintbrush can paint the walls or the trim. Some just produce a better job on different surfaces and with different paint. Professional painters will have a range of brushes and sizes to tackle the different jobs that come up while painting a room.

3. Practice makes perfect, but when it comes to cutting in (or painting one surface next to another that gets no paint) you may want to use tape instead. Use the blue painter's tape. Take a putty knife and push the tape down so that the paint does not run under it. Let the paint dry completely and then use a utility knife to cut the tape away from the dried paint to ensure a straight edge.

4. The more paint on the brush the more work you can accomplish with each trip to the paint can. You want to get as much paint as you can in the brush without the paint dripping. Some pros prefer to tap the extra paint off the brush and others whip the outside edge of the brush to ensure that it does not drip.

Tackling any do it yourself project can be a chore.

There is a reason that most people prefer to let the professionals step in and take over and the bigger the job the better that idea will often sound. For smaller jobs, you may want to consider trying the job on your own by putting to work the top secrets of the painting contractor in Dublin.

 Painters Dublin - Painting in Colour, a full service painting company in Dublin that also provides custom moldings installation, and interior painting services. By hiring Painters Dublin - Painting in Colour contractors you have nothing to worry but just look forward to having beautiful interiors. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your painting project.